S. E. R. V. I. C. E. S.

  • Ability To conduct Technical audit at garments factory
  • Time to Time New Vendor Sourcing, Evaluation ,compliance
  • Product Development
  • Full Course of Merchandising
  • Quality Assurance
  • Order processing
  • A to Z Production supervision
  • Financial Management
  • Arrange and Guided Factory visits to Bangladesh
  • Regular communication
  • Dedicated Co-ordination in all the department at customer End and vendors
  • Regular production updates
  • Regular Production meeting from knitting to finishing Department
  • per -Final inspection when customer Arrange Final inspection at their own
  • fully Equipped Final inspection with a separate team apart from running production Quality Control Team.
  • Individual Factory allocation As per Demand
  • Advance Factory Space booking As per instructed Capacity require
  • Lab facilities for test requirements
  • Shipment Logistics and Control
  • Country Representation and if Require Established Separate Office and Team for Special Case .

P. R. O. D. U. C. T. S

Knit o Woven o Sweater

Swimwear o Home Textiles


Light or heavy weight Sweater//Cardigan/casual Jacket/ Corduroy/Denim/ Long coat/full sleeve funnel and Denim Shirts / half full sleeve tee & polo jacquard products. etc.

T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Shorts, Pajama Set, Ladies tang top Vest, Rugby shirt, Hood jacket, Long Pant, Trouser, Girls Fancy,

*Men’s-5 Pocket *Denim Pants, *5 Pocket Twill Pants, *Work Wear, *School Wear, *Denim & Twill Jackets, *Cargo Shorts /pants,*Chino Pants, *Shirts,**Quilting Jackets Swim wear **Night Wear etc.

Women’s- Denim Skirt, Denim and Twill Ladies Pants, Denim & Twill Ladies Jackets etc. Boys & Girls-Boys Top Bottom Sets, Boys Denim & Twill Pants,Boys Cargo Shorts, Boys Chino Pants, Girls Denim & Twill Pants, Girls Denim & Twill Skirts, Boys School Wear, Girls School Wear.